Hello world!

Welcome to Indieverse!

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Welcome to Indieverse!

This is the inaugural post on our new blog. Everything seems so crisp and shiny, but at the same time rigid and slightly cumbersome; like wearing a pair of trainers straight out of the box.

It’ll be a while before we can carve out a homer’esque ass groove and break the place in a bit – make it a bit more comfortable – but in the meantime stay tuned for further announcements.

Before long there’ll be mouldy coffee mugs stuck to the tables and bacon rinds in the waste paper bin. That new car smell won’t last long kids, enjoy it while you can.

To close this post, here’s one of my favourite quotes, apt for just such an occasion…

“Big Things Have Small Beginnings…”

– That guy who killed all those people on the spaceship (may they rest in peace)
– (& Lawrence of Arabia)
– Michael Scott
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John games on all platforms, across all generations, but believes indie game development is where true innovation lies. He's always on the lookout for new experiences, be it retro homebrew releases, Steam Early Access projects, or the next big VR hit.

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