Run your own motorsport prep shop in VR. Coming Fall ’18

DigitalMistakeGames; Steam; Fall ’18

If you’re a petrol head who loves Car Mechanic Simulator and My Summer Car, and would perhaps enjoy a comparable experience in VR, then this upcoming sim could be your next gaming fix.

Due for release in Fall 2018, we may have a gem on our hands. Wrench puts you in the position of being a race mechanic and running your very own motorsport prep shop. No messing about; no grinding to get the sweet jobs – you’ll be in the boss’s boots from day 1.

And if you thought the above sims were detailed, then wait until you check this out. In fact, no, go and check it out now – some of the early screenshots and gameplay footage on the developer’s website are very impressive.

The attention to detail is stunning. DigitalMistakeGames is a one-man dev studio – that man being Alec Moody, a 3D artist who has previously created photorealistic assets for iRacing and Game Stock Car.

“I am planning to build the game for flat screens, but my development prioritizes VR over screens,” he writes on his blog. “Because I specialize in modeling mechanical objects for video games and am not a programmer, any game I build myself needs to be heavy on art content and light on programming needs.”

Early access footage of the game shows a static camera above a huge workbench, with Alex using VR touch controllers to build an engine piece by piece. Taking care to use the correct tolerances with the wrenches and ratchets he utilises, he checks and tests all manner of components before fastening them in place. Then he drops the engine into the chassis and fills it with oil. All in VR. There’s no doubt he wants to make this simulator as immersive as possible.

Plus, the overall mechanics of the game make it a perfect fit for VR players who lack a room-scale setup. As Alec states: “A game about working on cars takes place in a relatively small space, making locomotion less of an issue – the small space means there are fewer objects to render and enables me to build extremely high quality models while still running at the high framerates that VR demands”

He is now working full time to bring Wrench to an eager audience of enthusiasts. And he wants to make the gameplay as in-depth as possible. You’ll be taking care of everything from piston rings to ensuring the correct torque settings on different components.

And this not just a car building game either; it will test your time management, multitasking and people skills, too. You will have customers to take car of and a shop to run. Above all, you must ensure your clients have their cars ready for race day! Don’t be the fall guy!

Wrench is an upcoming title with a lot of promise; we’ll be keeping it firmly on a our radar.

Petrol heads: Lock your doors and get your lube ready. There’s going to be some beasts to build.

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