Bloody Rally Simulator

Bloody Rally Simulator is a fun little title that fans of the genre will instantly connect with.

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WARNING: Motorsport can be dangerous

This brutal retro inspired racer is coming to Steam Early Access

Bloody Rally Simulator is a top down racing game currently in development by indie studio, Game Hero Interactive.

Inspired by classics like Micro Machines, Death Rally and the original Grand Theft Auto, it takes an instantly familiar play style and gives it a fun twist.

For whilst the ultimate aim of any racing game is to finish each stage in first place, the main way to accomplish this is usually through the use of speed boosts or power ups.

Bloody Rally Simulator is no different, except here you’ll be gaining a competitive edge by plowing through crowds of spectators dotted around the track.

Every onlooker you splat will give you a 5% speed boost for one second, so by chaining hits together you will quickly find yourself gaining momentum.

Jumping into your first race, the game’s controls are intuitive and responsive. You’ll be able to find your way around the procedurally generated tracks without a tutorial; gas, brake, left, right is all you’ll need in the early stages.

The visuals are simple yet striking; the environments varied. The spectators are nothing more than inquisitive, colourful little blobs that move almost comedically as they jostle to and fro on the sidelines. They make an amusing pop and leave a satisfying skid mark when you make contact.

Sometimes they cross the track, or run into the middle of the road to snap a photo. Other times you have to think strategically and understeer when going through chicanes or shallow turns. If you do it right, by the end of the race, the carnage will be evident all around the stage.

The sense of scale – and having everything appear miniaturised – adds to the comedic nature of the violence and gore on display. Realism definitely takes a back seat in this game.

The chaos of having four or five rally cars powersliding around dirt track corners amid throngs of exploding onlookers, laying red skidmards and knocking over tyre walls, is certainly a novel experience.

It’s made all the more fun when you realise that this game supports split screen racing for up to four players locally, so will always be a fun  multiplayer title to jump into when friends are around.

The physics work well and the different car types have their own dynamics when it comes to power and handling. The game is completely 2D at present, in the sense that there’s no verticality, so the vehicles are pretty much stuck to the track. 

In its early access state, Bloody Rally Simulator has a full campaign mode with rudimentary repair mechanics for the 15 cars available.

You buy your way into races and spend your winnings on purchasing new machines or repairing the cars already in your garage (The developer has confirmed plans to add in more sophisticated options when tailoring your race setups).

It also features an in-game track editor, which lets you make your own stages with pretty much endless possibilities (it’s quite powerful and there’s a handy tutorial by the developer on YouTube for any budding level designers out there). As of November 11, the game has a Steam Workshop where you can share your creations and download other people’s tracks.

Bloody Rally Simulator is a fun little title that fans of the genre will instantly connect with. It comes to Steam Early Access in December 2018 and we highly recommend you keep this one on your radar.

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