indieVerse is Doing GameBlast20

Play your heart out for gamers with physical disabilities

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Play games and raise money for charity

Gamers Changing Lives 21-23 Feb

SpecialEffect is an award-winning charity that enables people with physical disabilities to benefit from the fun and inclusion of video games and leisure technology. They support people of all ages through personalised assessments, equipment loans and equipment modifications.

Every February for the past few years, the charity has organised the GameBlast weekend, in which gamers from all backgrounds aim to stream play sessions for 24 hours.

The money raised during the event will help the charity to fund technological solutions to help people with disabilities benefit from the fun and inclusion of videogames.

“Many people across the UK will be playing video games for up to 24 hours. It’s a big challenge, but they’re attempting it to help the thousands of people who, because of a disability, can only sit and watch other people have all the fun.” said Tom Donegan, the head of the charity’s fundraising and communications team.

“GameBlast is an opportunity for people to do what they love best and level the playing field for people with disabilities at the same time.” 

The charity is inviting teams of friends, family members and work colleagues to join in the fun of GameBlast20, which has been likened to a ‘Children in Need’ for gamers. There’s no strict requirement for people to take on gaming marathons, and many teams and individuals will be playing board games or holding gaming-related events, The aim is to raise a total of £100,000.

“indieVerse’s efforts will help people like Aaron, who never thought he’d be able to play video games again because his muscular dystrophy stopped him using a controller,” said Tom. “The sponsorship raised through the GameBlast weekend will change the lives of many more people like Aaron through the gift of gaming fun and inclusivity.”

Anyone can sponsor the team online at our Twitch channel. More details of the GameBlast20 event can be found at

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